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Stinson Mellor Lacrosse Co.




Do you sell mesh?

At this time, we do not sell separate pieces of mesh.  We may start to put together stringing kits and when we do, we will let everyone know through social media and our newsletter.  

How can I buy a StinsonMellor T-Shirt?

We do not have T-shirts for sale yet.  We have handed out dozens of T-shirts to our customers and devoted social media followers.  We only do short runs of T-shirt color combinations and once we use that color combo, it is retired.  We expect to have shirts for sale very soon at a very reasonable price.  Stay tuned.

Do you guys do custom goalie stringing?

Yes.  As a matter of fact, it is one of our specialties.  Our goalie pockets are so deep and dark, not even light can escape.  We at Stinson Mellor give much love to our brother goalies.

Do you guys do custom head dyes? 

We do not.  While there are many other lacrosse companies that will dye a head, and there are many different ways to do it, we at Stinson Mellor have avoided the process for quality control reasons.  Very often, dying a head will void the manufacturer's warranty.  Stinson Mellor only sells new materials covered by applicable warranties.  Before you buy a dyed head, or have your brand new head dyed, understand that the strength and integrity of the head may be compromised during the dye process and the warranty will most likely be voided.

Can I make an order over the phone?

Yes.  Just give us a call anytime at 202-41-STICK (202-417-8425) and we can guide you through the process or help you with color choices

I just placed my order online for a restring. Now what do I do?

If you have submitted a re-string order online or over the phone, the next thing to do is simply mail your head to our Michigan location.  The address is on the 'Contact Us' page of this site.  If you have any questions, just give us a call and we can help you out.

Do you do team orders?

Yes.  We have worked with several teams with sticks and other eqipment.  We can customize everything to your needs and can usually get more agressive pricing.  Give us a call and let us know what you need.

Which pocket is right for me?

That's a tough one.  We try and look st several factors when determining pocket type.  These factors include age, experience, position, personal style etc.  One helpful tip, do not try and pick a pocket that a college or pro player has named or crafted after years of play experience.  These are usually pockets that are very tailored to that player alone.  All the pockets we string are strung to make players better.  They are not novelty pockets and are not 'experiments'.  If you have any question what your pocket needs to be, feel free to call or email Stinson Mellor.

Are all heads the same?

No.  Be aware that not all heads are created equal.  There are basically two different categories of lacrosse heads (three if you include goalie heads, but those guys are all crazy anyways).  We have set forth the differences below.  Please take care to make sure the head you order will be legal for your level of play.

HS Heads: These are heads used at the High School and Youth League level.  These Heads are NOT legal at the NCAA level

Universal (X or X6)These heads can be used at ALL levels from youth through NCAA. Be Advised that the X6 heads can ONLY be used in the NCAA.  They are NOT for High School play.

Goalie Heads: This category speaks for itself. There is no difference between goalie heads for High School, Junior Leagues or NCAA. We think it is because goalies are all looney toons no matter what level.

What's with the "Tribute" Heads?

We are fans.  Fans of lot's of things: music, tv shows, movies, pop culture etc.  These 'Tribute' heads are exactly as the title implies, a simple color choice tribute. In that spirit, some (not all) of Stinson Mellor’s Custom Strung Lacrosse Heads have color or configuration choices that may have been inspired by, or as a simple tribute to, certain persons, groups, teams or characters from several media, pop culture or other sources.  Stinson Mellor Sports, Inc. has no affiliation, connection or sponsorship with said entities and in no way intends on creating any such confusion or impression by acknowledging said color choice inspiration.  Stinson Mellor Sport, Inc.’s Custom Strung Lacrosse Heads are all original works and are simply new transformative artistic expressions based solely upon color choices.  Any product with said inspiration or 'tribute' status acknowledgment does not have any likeness, logo or image of ANY potential inspiration source attached or placed on said product.