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Stinson Mellor Lacrosse Company

5 Secrets To The Perfect Setup

Posted by Stinson P. Mellor on

Every lacrosse player spends hours and hours practicing their shot. Let’s be real, scoring goals is a big part of what makes lacrosse fun.

Hearing a lacrosse ball ping off the post and into a corner of a net gives every lacrosse player a moment of pure bliss. That sensation drives players to practice their shot. Everyone wants that feeling! It’s the best!

I’m going to list below how to string up your pocket to make you pick corners over and over again.

1)Top String- The top string is the foundation of a good pocket. If it’s not tight with even tension across the scoop, then the pocket won’t form properly and you’ll be lipping the ball off the scoop. This will likely make you sad.

2)Pocket Placement - High? Mid? Low? We talk to a lot of players about their pocket placement and most have no idea what they want. Don’t follow trends. Find the placement that feels right for YOU. If you can shoot with a certain pocket but can’t pass to save your life, you have the wrong pocket type.

3)Sidewall Set Up - Creating a pocket depends of how you set up your sidewalls. Skipping 1 to 2 holes then gapping the diamonds helps create the “V” shape in a pocket. If you do it right, you wont need a V string.

4)Shooters - Many guys put too many shooters in their stick. If you have the sidewalls done properly, you only need 2 maybe 3 shooters. When installing the shooters, the lowest one should have the most slack. If you are throwing down chances are, your bottom shooter is too tight.

5)Shoot Overhand - Far too many players want to shoot side arm and underhand. This bad habit prevents them from shooting overhand. Learn to snipe overhand left and right. If you want to be great, use the pocket that's right for you and gain ridiculously, solid stick skills.

Happy shooting!