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Stinson Mellor Lacrosse Company

Any Old Stick Will Do - NOT

Posted by Stinson P. on

Lacrosse is a hard game. It takes endurance, coordination, brains and dedication. All of these things come with practice. Lots of practice. Trust us, those hours standing in the heat, the cold and the rain pay off.

After all that practice, it’s game time and you are ready. Clean uniform, sturdy pads and grab your stick. Any old stick will do. Wait...What!? Any old stick? Is that some kind of sick joke? All those hours of wall ball. All the banged up elbows and knees and you grab ‘any old stick’? That’s just wrong. You need - no, you deserve, a stick strung for your game, your position and your pocket preference.

Think about it this statement: “Any old stick will do”. Many of our lacrosse guys play both hockey and lacrosse. If one of your hockey teammates walked into the locker room and said, “oh, I don’t care, anyone old stick will”, you would have to assume that he has suffered a blunt force trauma to the head. Yet in lacrosse, we see players from youth to elite high school and beyond say, “Oh, any old stick will do” all the time. Any old stick won’t do. If you don’t know what you want in a pocket or head, figure it out. If your stick is not helping your game, talk to your coach. A bad pocket or a bad stick is a solid barrier to you becoming the best player you can be. Don’t be embarrassed and don’t be afraid to say that your stick is not working for you and you don’t know how to fix it.

Getting the pocket just right is not easy. Getting the pocket channel, depth and pocket position all adjusted perfectly is tricky business. If you are not happy, like really happy, with your pocket and your stick, make a change. Get it right. Dial it in. You will see such a difference in your game. At Stinson Mellor, we literally see this change every day.

Do the work. Make the sacrifice. Be healthy and be smart. But never ever think that ‘any old stick’ will do. Find your stick with your pocket for your game. When it’s game time, you won’t say, ‘any old stick will do’, instead, you will say, ‘I need MY stick ‘cause I’m about to play the best I can’.