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Stinson Mellor Lacrosse Company

No Man is an Island

Posted by Stinson P. Mellor on

No man is an island. Have you ever heard that saying? Do you know what it means? It basically means that nobody can do everything alone. We all need help at some time for some reason. Never be ashamed to ask for help in anything you do. We here at Stinson Mellor try to stick to Lacrosse issues but remember, this is true of anything in life. If you need help with something, whether it be lacrosse, school or social issues, there is always someone to lend a hand.

We have found that this is absolutely true in the lacrosse world. Lacrosse players and coaches love the game. They love all aspects of the game and they especially love to help a player with enthusiasm, guts and the willingness to learn.

One of our guys told us a story about when he was in 7th grade, just learning the game, and put masking tape (you know, like shipping tape) on the butt end of his stick. He had always been a hockey player and had some buddies who played so he thought he would give lacrosse a try. His stick? Well, it’s better if we just don’t talk about the stick. It is fair to say that if he brought that stick into Stinson Mellor today, we would have all gone running out of the building with panicked looks on our faces. Anyways, he had lost the butt end of that stick before his first game. One of his teammates said, “hey, you have to cover your butt end (ha ha, of the stick). You gotta put some tape on it dude, it’s a rule”. Well, the only thing he could find was some masking tape from an old science fair project. That would have to do, so he put a end cap of masking tape on the stick.

The end cap was a complete trainwreck. Luckily, he had a coach who saw it and pulled him aside and told him what he needed to do. The coach also told his parents that he needed a decent stick and that with some practice and dedication he could be a solid player. That kid went on to play four years of high school Lacrosse and four years at D1 college level.

The bottom line, don’t be afraid to ask someone who knows about gear and knows about the game. If you are unsure what you need, ask. If you want to move to a different position or move to a starter rank and are not sure how, ask. Make sure you put yourself in the right spot to maximize your talents. If you you need a little help or guidance to achieve this goal, do not be afraid to ask. Remember, in lacrosse, as in life, these is always someone willing help - we guarantee it.