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Warrior Warp (Multiple Pocket Options)


Warrior Warp (Multiple Pocket Options)


Product Description


  • The H model features a shorter channel with a semi-hard feel.  It’s available in high, mid and low pocket configurations
  • The S model features a longer channel with a semi-soft feel.  It’s available in high, mid and low pocket configurations


The Warp’s pocket is not something that needs to be shaped or broken in - it comes game-ready. Unlike mesh that comes flat and hasn’t been created specifically for your head, the Warp’s pocket shape is engineered with a 3-dimensional knitting process, molded directly into the head, and was crafted specifically for the Evo Warp. This means your pocket works in perfect unison with your entire head. A software-driven, high-tech knitting machine ensures that every pocket is game-ready… meaning you never have to adjust a pocket again. Goodbye pocket anxiety.


Kevlar, ever heard of it? Yup, it’s the stuff bullet-proof vests are made from. It’s the yellow part of the sidewall you see. Lightweight and durable, Kevlar bonds the water-resistant polypropylene to the head. In addition to having extraordinary strength and a unique wicking characteristic, polypropylene is the lightest of all textile fibers… Premium materials mean you get the same feel every time, no matter the weather conditions. Better yet, the pocket is ready to go out-of-the-box, and won’t lose it’s shape or performance over time.


An unchanging, weather-resistant pocket means 100% confidence in how your stick will throw. Knowing exactly how your stick throws is the key to accuracy. Through extensive testing, we’ve matched the Evo Warp up against the best hand-strung, mesh heads in countless accuracy tests... The results? There is no comparison. The Evo Warp out-performed every competitor... by a long-shot.


The Evo Warp is available in multiple pocket shapes, so you can choose your preference. And because each shape has been engineered to accommodate player preference, each was designed to provide exceptional hold. Unmatched hold leads to unmatched control. Control the ball and control the game.


This pocket is constructed of thousands of meticulously designed knitted rows, and is identically duplicated every time. Every single stitch is engineered to spec and has been adjusted through years of development and testing with thousands of prototypes before being perfected to deliver optimal performance... Ask your stringer to match that.


* Made in the USA

** And in case you’re wondering - Yes, the Evo Warp meets all NCAA and NFHS specifications.


As with all Warrior products, Warrior stand behind the Evo Warp. For more information on the 60 day warranty, visit the Warrior website. 

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